Member Benefits

Top 10 Reasons to Join the JBA

#10. A FREE one-year subscription to Billboard Advertising Magazine.

#9. 20% Discount on the JBA Rates & Allotments publication.

#8. At least a $250.00 discount off the non-member convention registration dues.

#7. FREE listing on the JBA website and access to the member's area including the Forum via password.

#6. You will receive the DISPLAY, the JBA Newsletter.

#5. You will be invited to enter the annual JBA Joe Radding 8-Sheet Design Contest.

#4. Ability to purchase JBA sales and informational brochures and publications.

#3. You will receive the JBA Supplier's Directory.

#2. An JBA membership certificate for membership year.

…And NUMBER 1 reason to join the JBA

You will have the opportunity to help preserve and strengthen the only organization that has been the voice of the Junior Poster Industry for over 50 years…and by the way, you will have a lot of FUN with GREAT PEOPLE!